Green Beret turned GOP congressman unloads on Trump for unleashing ‘ISIS 2.0’

Speaking on Fox News this morning, Florida GOP congressman and U.S. Army Officer Michael Waltz spoke about his conversations with US Green Berets in the wake of Turkey's invasion of northeast Syria, saying they are "completely demoralized" after being forced to "abandon their partners" after President Trump's decision to drawback US troops from the region.

"So my question is, if Assad and the Syrian army, if the Russians and if the Kurds are all now fighting this Turkish invasion, who's fighting ISIS?" Waltz said, adding that Trump's decision is "setting the conditions for ISIS 2.0."

"For all of the 'endless war' crowd and voices that are whispering in the President's ear, this is how you create war," Waltz continued. "Those few hundred American special operators -- not tens of thousands, a few hundred -- had effectively kept a lid on this tinder box and now [Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan] has put a grenade in Pandora's Box and it's blowing wide open."

Watch the segment below: