'How Marie Antoinette': Ivanka Trump ignites a wave of mockery with her latest out-of-touch tweet
Ivanka Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

Over the weekend, Ivanka Trump tried to merge her interest in fashion with U.S. economic growth, tweeting about a new Louis Vuitton factory opening in Texas.

“President Trump and Bernard Arnault will open new Louis Vuitton factory in Texas next week! Thank you Mr. Arnault for honoring your Pledge to America’s Workers and investing in the USA!!” Ivanka wrote.

As the website Queerty pointed out, her statement is rife with irony.

"A failed fashion designer who had her own products made overseas crowing about another fashion designer opening a factory in the United States that will employ low wage workers to create luxury handbags they’ll never be able to afford," they wrote. They also noted that it was in poor taste for her to tweet about fashion when Kurds, U.S. allies in the region, are being slaughtered after Trump's abrupt troop withdrawal.

Queerty collected the best reactions to her out-of-touch tweet, including allusions to Marie Antoinette.