'Illegal and immoral': Former US diplomat flattens Mike Pompeo for helping Trump 'extort Ukrainians'
Former ambassador James Melville (Screen cap).

James Melville, the former American ambassador to Estonia who resigned last year to protest President Donald Trump's treatment of America's European allies, slammed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday for his role in helping President Donald Trump press the Ukrainian government for damaging information about former Vice President Joe Biden.

During an interview on CNN, host Poppy Harlow played Melville a video clip of Pompeo blaming Obama for Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to annex Ukraine in 2014. Melville responded by expressing complete disgust with the secretary of state.

"It's disgraceful," he said. "It's dishonest. It's counterfactual. It's antithetical to our values and our policies."

Melville went on to point to Pompeo's role in helping Trump officials put pressure on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to launch investigations against the president's political opponents.

"Secretary Pompeo was on that phone call [with Zelensky]," he said. "He knows very well that the president was trying to extort Ukrainians to interfere in our elections, which is illegal and immoral."

Watch the video below.