'It's going to get worse': Rick Wilson explains why the GOP wants to 'tear the Band-Aid off sooner' on impeachment

On Tuesday's edition of MSNBC's "All In," Never-Trump GOP strategist Rick Wilson highlighted the Republican strategy to protect President Donald Trump from impeachment: Trick Democrats into holding the vote too early, so Trump and his inner circle won't have as much of an opportunity to blurt out incriminating facts or obstruct justice.

"I saw someone make the point today that the reason Republicans are trying to press Nancy Pelosi for a vote now is they think the politics of this will get worse the longer it goes," said anchor Chris Hayes. "And the vote margin now — if they can lock in a vote impeachment inquiry now, it would look good for them. What do you think of that?"

"A dead fish never smells better a week later," said Wilson. "It's going to get worse and have more political consequences as time goes by. That's why they're rushing."

"These guys recognize, also, Donald Trump is the greatest advocate and argument for impeachment," continued Wilson. "He keeps doing things in broad daylight that are impeachable. They keep doing things to obstruct Congress. They keep doing things to reveal the depths of his malfeasance on these foreign calls. And so none of the Republicans right now bravely pounding their chests saying 'Do it now, do it now,' really want it to happen at all, but they'd rather try to tear the Band-Aid off sooner and pop this bubble of anticipation, and if Democrats are smart, which is always an open question when it comes to these hardball maneuverings, they'll delay this, stretch this."

"The reason these numbers are moving in the polling, [is] the numbers have moved with independents and soft Republicans," added Wilson. "Independents and soft Republicans are moving towards impeachment, towards investigation very quickly. I don't think they're going to get their wish on this one, especially because Donald Trump will keep making the case he's a president who will continue to obstruct justice and do things in office that should be justified as expulsion."

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