Ivanka's next financial disclosure should answer why she's still seeking foreign trademarks: ex-White House ethics czar
Ivanka Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

In a new tweet, former Office of Government Ethics Director Walter Shaub outlined what he is hoping to see from First Daughter Ivanka Trump in her upcoming financial disclosure:

Ivanka announced in July that her fashion brand — which has long faced criticism for using low-wage overseas labor — would be shutting down until further notice. However, her clothing line has continued to receive trademark approvals from the Chinese government, conflicting with her claim that she is ceasing operations.

Ivanka's fashion brand has been at the heart of corruption controversies, including when White House counselor Kellyanne Conway advertised it on live TV and faced a subsequent investigation for violating the Hatch Act.

Shaub served under Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, and left office to take a position with the watchdog Campaign Legal Center following clashes with administration officials.