Julián Castro says Atatiana Jefferson's name on debate stage: 'Police violence is also gun violence'
Julián Castro appears at Democratic presidential debate (CNN/screen grab)

Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro said on Tuesday that he would not support the mandatory buyback of assault-style weapons because it could be lead to more police violence.

At Tuesday night's Democratic presidential debate, Castro was asked if he supported Beto O'Rourke's plan to buy back assault weapons.

Castro argued that unless police go "door-to-door" then the buyback program "is not truly mandatory."

"But in the places I grew up in, we weren’t exactly looking for another reason for cops to come banging on the door," he said, pointing to the recent shooting of Atatiana Jefferson by an officer in Fort Worth.

"A cop showed up when she was playing video games with her nephew and within four seconds he shot and killed her through her home window," he explained. "She was in her own home."

He added: "I am not going to give these police officers another reason to go door to door in certain communities because police violence is also gun violence and we need to address that."

Watch the video clip below from CNN.