Rachel Maddow: Trump's change in Syria policy may not survive the night
The host of 'The Rachel Maddow Show' on MSNBC (screengrab)

MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow laid out the reasons why President Donald Trump's change in Syria policy may be reversed by tomorrow morning.

She described Trump's decision as a "sudden, radical change in U.S. policy, apparently dictated to the president without consulting anybody in the U.S. military, without even consulting any of his Republican allies who have sometimes been able to tell him what to do on foreign policy."

"This one he apparently just riffed on his own in the middle of the night -- at the direction of some other country’s president," Maddow explained.

"But I also think it’s worth watching in the very short term -- like, as of tonight -- whether that might get undone. Part of the reason we’ll talk about this big change in Syria is I think it’s worth watching whether or not the administration is right now in the process of trying to undo what the president announced last night," she reported.

"I think that’s likely. I shouldn’t say likely," she noted. "I think that’s possible, maybe even likely, because what the president announced with regard to Syria has brought out even Republicans like Mitch McConnell in the U.S. Senate, brought them out of the woodwork to stand up alongside the Democrats and on this one say, 'No, Mr. President, this is terrible. You are condemning our very dear allies to certain death.'"

"There are few things on which Republicans stand up against President Trump, this appears to be one of those rare instances. What we’ve seen over and over again is whenever Republicans push back on President Trump at all, the president does tend to cave and cave quickly," Maddow explained. "So I think this is worth watching tonight because this was a new policy announced by the president in the middle of the night last night. There is a possibility that new policy will not make it till tomorrow morning."