Republicans and White House didn't know how bad impeachment actually was for Trump: Fox News reporter
U.S. President Donald Trump and Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell tried to move past the tensions that followed the collapse of the healthcare reform effort on Monday with a show of unity that focused on tax reform and other items on the Republican agenda.

Fox News Congressional reporter Chad Pergram explained in a Twitter thread Monday that most Republicans are supportive of Trump, but they're holding back to see "which way the wind blows."

According to Pergram, one senior Republican source said that many Republicans and the White House "didn't realize how bad impeachment was for President Trump."

Republicans are fearful of the backlash they could face if they don't stand with the president, according to former Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and other former colleagues.

The House was on recess for the Jewish high holidays, but some key Democrats on the Intelligence Committee stayed to work through information on the impeachment inquiry.

As Trump is grappling with the conflict in Syria, Republicans are coming out against the move to withdraw troops and allow the bombing of the Kurds to continue. Pergram tweeted that some Republicans are curious if that poor foreign policy decision will spill over into impeachment.

Pergram noted that in 1974 Republican leaders visited former President Richard Nixon to help him understand things weren't looking good on impeachment. With Trump, he said that it could easily take another turn, where today's Republicans would encourage Trump to fight harder. They attempted that strategy in 2018 after the battle for Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation. It didn't work out well for them.

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