Rick Perry quickly gets stumped after claiming House impeachment inquiry is breaking the law

Speaking on the Fox Business Network this Wednesday morning, outgoing Energy Secretary Rick Perry tried to dispel speculation that his coming resignation is due to his alleged involvement in the Ukraine fiasco enveloping the White House, saying that he had been planning to resign for "eight or nine months."

Perry jumped right into the subject of the impeachment inquiry targeting President Trump and the fact that his former department will not comply with a House subpoena for documents.

"The Congress is not following the law," Perry told Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo. "This is unprecedented what this Democrat-controlled Congress is doing."

Perry went on to say that "the president did absolutely nothing wrong," adding that "there is no quid pro quo going on here like the Democrats would like to make you think."

"We're not going to participate in an unlawful effort," he continued. "When the Congress follows the law, when Congress follows the president [sic] of this inquiry in this impeachment effort, then I'll be happy to go, but not until they have a vote, not until they follow the law -- I mean, it ought to be pretty simple, follow the law."

After the interview, journalist Andrew Feinberg said Perry couldn't tell him which "law" Congress isn't following.

Watch the full segment below: