'Self-centered ego': John Brennan unleashes on Trump for taking credit for military successes with ISIS
John Brennan (MSNBC)

Former CIA Director John Brennan joined with MSNBC host Chris Jansing in expressing outrage over President Donald Trump proclaiming he captured ISIS.

Jansing cited reports saying the president attacked former Defense Secretary James Mattis and said, "I captured ISIS."

"No reported mention of service members," Jansing said about Trump's rant. "I cannot remember a president who did not give credit to the men and women who fought, who bled, who risked their lives and in too many cases always, gave their lives, made the ultimate sacrifice, and then he exits risking the resurgence of ISIS. What does it say to the men and women of the military who have committed their professional lives to this -- to keeping America safe?"

Brennan said that throughout Trump's presidency he's sent signals to the military and intelligence community, law enforcement and the diplomatic corps, that he "doesn't care about what they do or what they think." Not only will he make the decisions, Brennan said, "he’s the one that’s going to take credit for all of these things."

"So, I think it must be very, very dispiriting, not just to those professionals out there, whether it be military or civilians, but also to the families of these individuals, the ones who sacrifice so much so that their loved ones can, in fact, keep us safe by being deployed so far away from home," he continued.

Brennan then noted that it's another example of the president putting himself first before the American people.

"This shows the callousness and the self-centered ego of Donald Trump, who does not respect nor give credit and express appreciation for the tremendous work that’s being done out there," said Brennan. "I still find it incredulous that people either believe what Donald Trump says or are willing to ignore what he says, especially the Republicans in Congress who have yet to find I think their bearing in terms of dealing with Donald Trump."

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