'Serious harm and suffering': Jared Kushner's apartment management company sued for 'hundreds of thousands of violations'

An apartment management company owned by Jared Kushner is being sued by Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh, who says the company “victimized consumers, many of whom are financially vulnerable” and committed “hundreds of thousands of violations” of consumer protection laws, the Baltimore Sun reports.

The lawsuit was filed this Monday against Westminster Management and alleges that the company utilizes "unfair and deceptive" rental practices in its Baltimore apartment complexes, which were reportedly infested with rats. In a statement, Kushner Cos. CEO Laurent Morali said that the company refuses to be "extorted by an ambitious attorney general who clearly cares more about scoring political points than fighting real crime and improving the lives of the people of Maryland."

"We look forward to defending ourselves against these bogus allegations," the statement read.

Frosh countered that the allegations of a political agenda were "ridiculous," adding that the lawsuit outlines “an extraordinary panoply of violations of the rights of tenants.”

“They were cheating tenants before, during and after their tenancy, and when I tell you there were hundreds of thousands of violations of the Consumer Protection Act, it just begins to convey the seriousness of the charges,” Frosh said. “They caused serious harm and suffering to the people who lived in their units."

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