Republicans have 'Trump exhaustion' and are waiting for polls to shift before tossing him overboard: CNN's Gangel
Mitch McConnell speaks to ABC News (screen grab)

CNN special correspondent Jamie Gangel revealed on Monday that many congressional Republicans are privately sick to death of President Donald Trump's antics and are waiting to see if his poll numbers get worse so they can toss him overboard.

During an interview with CNN's Kate Bolduan, Gangel explained that many in the GOP are fed up with having to defend the president's indefensible actions such as his call on the Chinese government to launch investigations into his political opponents.

"There's also, from what they told me over the weekend, from Republicans in both the House and Senate, Trump exhaustion," she said. "Many of them don't consider him a true Republican. They are worried about the economy. One said, 'It's not like we're defending Ronald Reagan.'"

That said, Gangel also cautioned that the party was likely to stick with the president unless his poll numbers further deteriorate.

"The thing I heard over the weekend: Watch the polls, watch the polls, watch the polls," she said. "Look, will the MAGA base stay with him? Yes. But maybe not some of the Republicans and independents they need. Will there be a shift? That's what they're waiting for."

Watch the video below.