‘The stuff of third-world nations’: Former Fox News reporter fact-checks Trump on Shepard Smith
Former Fox News reporter Carl Cameron (Photo: Screen capture)

Former Fox News reporter Carl Cameron was shocked by the recent decision by Shepard Smith to leave the network after working there for over 203 years.

Calling it a "big loss" for the network, Cameron noted that it says something about how the network has been "shrinking" its news department for years as it opts for opinion commentary for the right-wing. He explained that entertainment is what gets ratings and ad revenue along with it.

"It is a real sad day for people who watch Fox News and want accurate information because shep was somebody who you could reliably count on," he said, neglecting to mention that Fox News has opted for entertainment above Trump for years.

"Right now I think probably the news divisions at Fox are plain shell shocked. As you saw on the face of Neil Cavuto when he heard it live for the first time," Cameron continued. "So, one of the things that will be telling in terms of what happens next is that Fox has said they will have rotating hosts in the slot that was Shepard’s in the weeks or days ahead. It will be interesting to find out whether or not these are journalists that tell the truth or whether these are opinion makers who are essentially coddling the president and his allies."

Cameron described the early years of Fox when the two would talk about news and campaigns. Smith wouldn't want to talk about campaigns because once they began he said they would just tell you what you wanted to hear and he would strive for the truth.

When Trump was asked about Smith's departure, he claimed that it was probably attributed to the show's "low ratings." In fact, Smith frequently won his time slot.

"He did not have the worst ratings at the Fox," Cameron said. "And he did a great job covering the news. And he was all over the world, worked doggedly, had a great team. The executives know this is a loss. When Fox would say or do things that were demonstrably untrue, Shep would be the person they would point to as a measurement of good journalism. In fact, they used to do it with me occasionally, too. The reality is that without Shep’s show, Fox News’ 24-hour news-wheel is down to the Bret Baier show. Most of the rest is predominantly talk. And the American people need to hear that to make good judgments. Otherwise, it is propaganda, and that’s the stuff of third-world nations, not the one that prides itself as leader of all nations."

Watch the full commentary below: