'They look like fools': Ex-GOP lawmaker calls out 'stupidity' of Lindsey Graham and Matt Gaetz's defense of Trump

On MSNBC Saturday, former Congressman David Jolly (R-FL) lambasted the "stupidity" of President Donald Trump's defenders for attacking Democrats on process rather than defending the president's conduct. In particular, he singled out Senate Judiciary chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL).

"What we're seeing from House Republicans is this childish behavior. They're displaying an arrogance, anger, immaturity. They look like fools," said Jolly. "I'm surprised they can go home and look at their spouses and their kids in the eye with any sense of self-respect."

"What Republicans should be doing ... and I struggle with even saying this because they're on the wrong side of history and I hate to give them counsel that I think is accurate. Stop arguing about the process. Stop doing the sit-ins. Stop doing the stupid stuff that is not believable. The American people don't care about the process," said Jolly. "The conversation the American people are having is, should the president be impeached for asking Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden? That's the question. And a lot of people say, yes. A lot of people say no. A lot of people are not sure."

"Republicans need to come out with a clear narrative and say, this is not impeachable conduct," said Jolly. "What the president did may be wrong. He may deserve censure. Maybe it's not wrong. But it's not impeachable conduct. From Lindsey Graham's stupidity to Matt Gaetz's stupidity, say to the American people, yeah, the president shouldn't have done it and it's not impeachable and spend the next 60 days on that message. At least you have a shot of convincing the American people you're in the right."

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