'This is like an interrogation!' CNN's Sciutto corners freaked out Trump advisor in off-the-rails interview
Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro (Screen cap).

Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro on Friday flipped out at Jim Sciutto after the CNN host confronted him about President Donald Trump encouraging China to investigate his political rivals.

Although the interview with Navarro started out normally enough, things began to go off the rails once Sciutto started asking about reports that Trump told China earlier this year that he would stay quiet about pro-democracy protests occurring in Hong Kong while the two countries were conducting trade negotiations.

Navarro angrily replied by noting that Sciutto's story relied on anonymous sources and thus shouldn't be believed.

Things got even more intense, however, when Sciutto asked Navarro if he approved of Trump publicly calling on China to investigate his political opponents.

"When you heard the president yesterday call on China to investigate an American -- you and I have spoken multiple times about how China breaks international law..." Sciutto began.

"Is this like an interrogation here?!" Navarro interrupted. "I feel like I've got Adam Schiff sitting in front of me!"

"I'm a journalist, I ask questions," Sciutto replied.

"This is like an interrogation!" Navarro said.

"It's an interview!" Sciutto shot back.

"This is Witch Hunt Part 2!" Navarro ranted.

Watch the video below.