Top conservative media figure 'exasperated' by Trump -- and now he's 'breaking out popcorn' for impeachment: CNN
President Donald Trump with sheriffs (Twitter)

Matt Drudge, the conservative media icon who rose to fame for helping expose former President Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky, has been notably less willing over the past few weeks to defend President Donald Trump.

CNN's Oliver Darcy reports that Drudge in recent days "has spotlighted an overwhelming amount of negative news for the Trump White House," which is a marked shift from the positive spin that his Drudge Report website has put on most of Trump's first term.

A source described as "close" to Drudge tells CNN that the right-wing media mogul has become "exasperated" by Trump and is "reacting to changing circumstances" in the news cycle.

This person also tells CNN that Drudge may feel nostalgia for his early days when he helped lead the push for Clinton's impeachment.

"Impeachment is where Matt Drudge entered," they said. "This is a great story. And Drudge is breaking out the popcorn."

John Ziegler, a conservative who was an occasional guest host on Drudge's old radio show, tells CNN that Drudge simply loves seeing the world fall apart.

"Matt Drudge loves chaos," he said. "And impeachment is chaos."

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