‘Trump confessed on television’: Fox News’ top political editor says the impeachment case is clear

During a Fox News segment this Monday morning, a panel of commentators discussed the media's alleged role in pushing for an impeachment of President Trump, and whether or not Democrats are rushing towards a vote on articles of impeachment. At one point, America's Newsroom host Bill Hemmer turned towards Fox News Political Editor Chris Stirewalt and said that there's "no record" of the allegations against Trump and his apparent pressuring of the Ukrainian government to investigate his political rivals.

"It's just lawmakers coming on the microphone and giving their spin, be it right or left," Hemmer said.

But Stirewalt disagreed, saying that it's more than just a matter of partisan spin.

"There is a record for those committees even if they meet without television cameras present," Stirewalt responded.

"We are early in this process, number one," he said. "Number two, the whistleblower doesn't matter anymore. ... The whistleblower is substantially irrelevant. The President confessed on television -- he said, 'I did it,' and then he added China to it, which sort of obviates the question about is there a whistleblower, isn't there a whistleblower."

"The press needs stuff every day to feed the bulldog," he continued. "Every day you gotta make a living out there, and every day you need something to try to move this story forward, but right now, it all looks pretty simple. There are enough Democrats to vote to impeach the President ... and they're gonna impeach him on something that's pretty straightforward."

Watch the video below: