As Democrats geared up to launch their impeachment inquiry into the President, many Republicans and conservative pundits speculated that impeachment would be a boon for Trump, but now, more and more doubt is being cast over that assumption, POLITICO reports.

A number of polls this week show that Trump's shaky ground with women voters grew worse ever since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that Democrats would move forward with the inquiry. Additionally, independent voters and college-educated whites are softening up to the idea of impeachment as well. In sum, Trump's base can no longer be counted on to sail him to a second term.

"Taken together, the latest polls paint an alarming picture for the president," the publication wrote.


As more voters digest the allegations against Trump — that he asked Ukraine to interfere in the 2020 presidential election — both parties are likely to gain a clearer picture of where the public stands on impeachment. And more indications that support for impeachment is trending in Democrats’ favor could spur a moment of reckoning for Republicans on Capitol Hill. Should impeachment gain the support of an undeniable majority, Republicans who previously declined to distance themselves from the president could quickly change their calculus — setting Trump on the same lonely course that led to President Richard Nixon’s Watergate-era resignation in August 1974.

That's not to say that impeachment isn't without risks for Democrats.

"There are some people who say, ‘Yes, of course Congress should look into this,’ but there is still a lot of confusion as to what comes next,” Colorado-based pollster Ryan Winger told POLITICO.

There's some confusion among voters when it comes to what led to the impeachment inquiry, and that confusion somewhat falls across party lines. According to a Monmouth University poll, just 40 percent of Republican respondents said they believed Trump pushed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden during their infamous July 25 phone conversation.

Polls conducted by Republicans show 54 percent of independent voters are against impeaching Trump, giving him 2 points on the ballot against a "generic Democratic opponent" in 2020. Republican-conducted polling also showed 62 percent of registered voters think Biden should be investigated for corruption that allegedly took place when he was vice president.

“Towards the end of last week, as more people knew about what was going on and were processing the messages coming from Democrats and the Trump campaign, the number of Republicans who said [Trump’s] behavior was appropriate actually went up,” Patrick Murray, director of Monmouth University’s Polling Institute, told POLITICO. “This told us how powerful partisan filters can be for just interpreting obvious facts.”

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