Trump flayed for self-pitying whine about how hard it is being president: 'Resign -- you won't be missed'
Donald Trump speaks at the First in the Nation Leadership Summit in Nashua, NH, on April 18, 2015 (Andrew Cline/Shutterstock)

President Donald Trump on Friday bitterly complained about the purported ill treatment he's received as president of the United States.

In an angry tweet, the president bemoaned having to deal with House Democrats' impeachment inquiry at the same time he's trying to do unspecified "important work" for the United States.

"Can you believe I am doing this important work for our Country, and have to deal with Corrupt Adam Schiff and the Do Nothing Democrats at the same time?" the president wrote. "It was not intended to be this way for a President!"

Trump's tweet drew an immediate backlash from followers, many of whom informed him that he could end his woes immediately by simply resigning from the job.

Check out some reactions below.