Trump has a 'very fragile ego' and is scared of rising support for impeachment: MSNBC panel
Donald Trump -- screenshot

On Wednesday's edition of MSNBC's "Meet The Press," anchor Katy Tur and journalist Kristen Welker discussed President Donald Trump's increasingly erratic behavior in the face of a growing impeachment investigation.

"The president has a really fragile ego, it's been reported that he doesn't really want to be impeached, doesn't like the idea of that asterisk being put on his name through history," said Tur. "So, is he ready for that? Is he ready to force a vote on impeachment? Does he really want to be the third president in the United States to be impeached?"

"I think you highlight the internal divide here at the White House and even within the president's own mind," said Welker. "Politically speaking, there are some administration officials who think that this could help him with his re-election bid, could energize his base, but you're absolutely right. This is a president who doesn't want to be associated with that asterisk. He doesn't want to become one of the presidents who was impeached."

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