Trump is 'exhausting' his staff and allies with 'egregious' lies and personal-attack laced tirades: CNN analyst
CNN's Dana Bash -- screenshot

On Wednesday's edition of CNN's "The Situation Room," CNN analyst Dana Bash said that President Donald Trump's personal attacks on lawmakers are getting so "egregious" that even his own allies on Capitol Hill and in the White House are "exhausted" trying to stand by him.

"The president was really on the attack today over the past few days," said host Wolf Blitzer. "He's really attacking various Democratic lawmakers, Congressman Adam Schiff, the chairman of the Intelligence Committee, calling him a 'sick man', a 'lowlife,' and said that Schiff and Jerry Nadler, the chairman of the Intelligence Committee, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the other so-called members of the Squad, women of color, are 'savages,'" said Blitzer. "The president is really — he must be so angry, so frustrated he's going off the rails with this."

"It is never a mystery how the president feels," said Bash. "He puts it right out there, and today, unfortunately for Republicans on the Hill and those in his staff, he had two events where he could let it all out and, boy, did he let it all out. Those were the personal attacks which are, even for him, pretty egregious."

"What was striking also was to hear how many times he just flat-out lied about things," continued Bash. "Whether it was what went on with Joe Biden and Hunter Biden, but more importantly even basic things, like he said on several occasions the transcript was a verbatim transcript and it is an exact transcript of the phone call with the Ukrainian president. On the actual document that they released from his White House, it says on the first page, explicitly this is not an exact transcript."

"That is just one example of how exhausting it is frankly to fact-check him, and how exhausted some of his fellow Republicans are getting on Capitol Hill, and probably why we haven't heard from a lot of them," added Bash.

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