Trump proposes government-run media as his anti-socialism speech devolves into an angry rant about CNN

President Donald Trump suggested on Thursday that CNN’s international operation should be replaced with a government-run news outlet.

At a rally in Florida that was supposed to be about “protecting Medicare from socialist destruction,” Trump lashed out at what he called “corrupt CNN.”

"Some idiot on CNN said, 'You can't win without CNN,'" Trump said, pantomiming an imaginary news anchor. "I guess we showed them. I guess we showed them," he repeated.

He went on to describe CNN as irrelevant, before complimenting Radio Free Europe and Voice of America -- state-run news outlets that broadcast American propaganda. "They did that to build up our country," he added.

"CNN ... it's a terrible thing for our country. And we oughta start our own network and put some real news out there because they are so bad," he declared.