Trump recounts how he falsely told Melania they would 'finally get respect' — but they didn't
President Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Montoursville, Pennsylvania (screengrab)

At President Donald Trump's rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota, he used the opportunity to tell his supporters, for the umpteenth time, that the media has no respect for him.

"Now, the do-nothing Democrat con artists, scammers are getting desperate," said Trump. "They have to move fast because they are not beating us at the polls. Despite the phony polls you see all the time. They are phony polls. Remember I always used to talk about polls. They are no different than crooked writers. They are crooked polls. No different. That is a lot of media."

"They are so dishonest and frankly they are so bad for our country. They are so bad," said Trump as his fans applauded. "They could be so good for our country. Maybe they will change and maybe they won’t. I have been waiting for a long time. After I won the last election I said finally, I will get some great press. They got worse. I said finally. I said to the First Lady, we will finally get respect. We will finally get media and press coverage that will be great. Look what we have done. They got worse."

"They know they cannot win," Trump continued. "You understand. If you didn’t understand, there is no way anybody could win. If you believe them, there is no way anybody could reach. I could do the greatest things in history and they will make them bad to very bad. If it I do something neutral, great, OK, it is like give him the electric chair, that is terrible. Right? These people and the Democrats, it is a partnership. How about in the newscasts, manufactured. Tonight in a manufactured deal along the border. All of a sudden every newscast is using it. It is a talking point given by the Democrats."

Watch below: