Trump told Republicans he didn't care 'about terrorists 7,000 miles away'
An image made available by the jihadist Twitter account Al-Baraka news on June 11, 2014 allegedly shows militants of the Islamic State group on the Syria-Iraq border (AFP Photo/)

President Donald Trump reportedly doesn't care about terrorists, according to sources inside the room after Democrats abandoned the Wednesday meeting with the president.

Washington Post Congressional reporter Mike DeBonis said that the president said "several times" in the meeting that he isn't concerned about terrorists that live 7,000 miles away.

The source said that Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) had to remind the president that the Sept. 11 terrorists "came from 7,000 away" themselves.

The president has neglected to understand terrorists can attack the U.S. on North American soil as well as at embassies, military bases, international sporting events, or even Trump's properties. It would be simple for ISIS to use a car bomb to attack Trump's property in Indonesia, as an example.

ISIS has been selling off ancient relics from Syria to help funnel millions into their terrorist operations. The nearly 100 prisoners that were freed in Syria due to the Turkish bombing campaign could easily use those funds to act against the U.S. and the west.

In an earlier report, Trump called the terrorists released "the least dangerous ones."

Democrats reportedly tried to explain that troops were there to train the Kurds to fight ISIS as partners and that Democrats aren't seeking to send 10,000 troops, said Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) in an MSNBC interview.