On MSNBC's "AM Joy," Columbia University lecturer and political commentator Karine Jean-Pierre suggested that if President Donald Trump goes down in the Ukraine scandal, he will see to it that no one in his immediate inner circle of loyalists escapes unscathed.

"So, look, we have Pompeo, who is an enabler," said Jean-Pierre. "We have Pence, who is a partner in crime. We have Barr, who is doing the cover-up. And they're all going down with the ship. They're not going to take that exit ramp. They're going to stay on that ship with Donald Trump. And here's the thing, if Donald — I think, I believe, if Donald Trump goes down, he's going to take everybody with him. He's not going to let Barr or Pence or Pompeo come through this alive. He will literally take them out."

"So when it comes to Democrats, this is the second thing I wanted to say — when it comes to Democrats, I think this is the difference between Mueller and where we are today, where we're actually in an impeachment inquiry," added Jean-Pierre. "With Mueller, the Mueller probe, Mueller wasn't leaking, right? It was just one side of the argument that we were hearing, which was Donald Trump and all of his enablers and all of his, you know, folks who are following him really hard. And so, they were muddying the waters, and we had nothing to really push back."

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