Trump’s 12,000 lies have earned 1,010 Pinocchios — yet he whines about Adam Schiff’s credibility
Donald Trump on Instagram (Screenshot)

President Donald Trump has repeatedly complained about the credibility of House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA), yet has far greater credibility issues himself, The Washington Post fact-checker explained on Wednesday.

"Hasn’t Adam Schiff been fully discredited by now? Do we have to continue listening to his lies?" Trump tweeted Tuesday.

Glenn Kessler, the fact checker for The Post, put Trump's attacks in context.

"Adam Schiff earned 4 Pinocchios last week and Trump can't stop talking about it. The White House impeachment letter cited that fact check twice," Kessler noted.

"So I was curious: How many Pinocchios has Trump earned? The answer: 1,010!" he reported. "That's an average of 3.4 [Pinocchios] per fact check."

Trump himself has also received over one hundred of the Four Pinocchio ratings that he claims are discrediting.

"Trump has earned a rating of Four Pinocchios in a fact check 167 times. That's almost twice as many as all other Republicans combined since 2013 (which is when the [fact-checking column] was started)," Kessler explained.

The level of Trump's lies is truly astonishing.

"Of course, our Trump database has documented 12,000+ false or misleading claims," Kessler reminded. "He earned 4 Pinocchios once for saying he passed the biggest tax cut. He then repeated that nearly 170 times."