Trump's trade adviser goes on bonkers Fox rant comparing House Dems to Soviet secret police
Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro (Screen cap).

Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro on Tuesday went off on an unhinged rant against House Democrats in which he compared them to Joseph Stalin's secret police force that he used to murder his political opponents.

During an appearance on Fox Business, Navarro claimed that the president's "victories" in the trade war against China were being overshadowed by the Democrats' impeachment inquiry.

"This is nothing less than an attempted coup d'etat and end run around the ballot box!" he fumed. "Should the impeachment process be used to depose a duly elected president when they can't beat him at the ballot box?"

In fact, Trump lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes to Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in 2016. Democrats also won a sweeping congressional victory in the 2018 presidential election in which they gained 40 seats, thus taking control of the House of Representatives for the first time since 2010.

Navarro then went on to compare congressional lawmakers to totalitarian dictators.

"The first guy who was the head of the Soviet Union, secrets, uh, CIA equivalent... he said, 'Show me the man I'll find you the crime,'" Navarro said. "And that's what we're doing with President Trump. This is a very dangerous game I think that the Democrats could play!"

Watch the video below.