Trump’s White House has ‘no clear strategy’ to fight impeachment: Fox News
Fox News White House correspondent John Roberts. (Screenshot)

When it comes to battling House Democrats' impeachment inquiry, President Donald Trump's White House is planning on winging it.

While talking with Fox News' Shepard Smith, Fox News White House correspondent John Roberts explained that he still hasn't learned what, if any, strategy the White House has to thwart Democrats' efforts to impeach their boss.

"There seems to be no clear strategy," Roberts reported. "A lot of it appears to be done simply on an ad-hoc basis."

Roberts then went on to describe feuding within the White House about the best way to proceed.

"One thing I can tell you is that there is a clear amount of tension between the White House press operation and the White House counsel’s office," he said. "As far as the political push-back, most of it seems to be coming from the president himself, certainly he’s been going after the whistleblower."

Roberts noted, though, that Intelligence Committee Inspector General Michael Atkinson has refuted many of the attacks that the president has made on the whistleblower while insisting that the whistleblower has done everything properly.

Watch the video below.