Watch: All of Trump's failed defenses for his Ukraine scandal
Donald Trump during the first presidential debate (Screenshot)

CNN's Kate Bolduan on Wednesday reminded her viewers that Trump allies' defenses of the president throughout the Ukraine scandal have continued to evolve after new facts emerge that undercut their older defenses.

While talking with the New Yorker's Susan Glasser, Bolduan delivered an exhaustive list of all the failed defenses that the president and his supporters have made to justify Trump's efforts to push Ukraine to investigate his political opponents.

"First it was the president was trying to root out corruption when it came to Ukraine," she began. "Then it was there was no direct ask coming from the president. Then it was the whistleblower can't be trusted, then it was Schiff helped the whistleblower write the complaint so it can't be trusted, and then it was the president was joking, Republicans said, when he said on camera that he would like to see investigations. Then it was there was no quid pro quo because Ukraine didn't know the aid was being withheld... and now it's the process is unfair, so you can't impeach."

Glasser responded to this by arguing that Republicans now have been reduced to complaining about the process for impeachment hearings instead of defending the president's documented actions.

"What I'm hearing is the sound of silence... when it comes to Republicans who have not wanted, for the most part, to engage in a robust defense of the facts," she said.

Watch the video below.