WATCH: Eric Trump leads #MAGA rally crowd in ‘lock him up’ chant against Hunter Biden
Presidential son Eric Trump (screengrab)

One of President Donald Trump's sons led a crowd into chants of "lock him up" against Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden.

The chant occured as Eric Trump was warming up the crowd at a campaign rally in Minneapolis for his father.

"You know guys, I was on the campaign trail in 2016 with my father," Eric Trump said. "We went all over the place. We campaigned as a family, fought like hell. We are stronger today than we were in 2016."

"We are going to win this state, make no mistake about it," he promised. "How do you think Elizabeth Warren is feeling right now when she sees this crowd? I don't think she's feeling too good."

"How do you think Joe Biden and his, uh," he trailed off as the crowd booed at Biden.

"How do you think his son is feeling right now, after embezzling a lot of money, taking a lot of money? A lot of crookedness, he's not looking too good either," he argued.

"Maybe lock her up goes to lock him up," he said.

The large #MAGA crowd loudly chanted "lock him up!"