Watch Kellyanne Conway trip over herself as Fox & Friends challenges her on Ukraine transcript
Kellyanne Conway (Fox News)

On Thursday's edition of "Fox & Friends," White House counselor Kellyanne Conway unleashed a rapid-fire tirade against Democrats and insisted the White House transcript of President Donald Trump's Ukraine call exonerated him — but tied her tongue in knots as the Fox anchors pointed out key problems with the transcript.

"President Trump was democratically elected. Don’t allow people to overturn the last election results or interfere in the next one," said Conway. "These Democrats came to Washington, I will reduce your drug prices. They’re trying to impeach and investigate the president. I will work on infrastructure. They’re investigating the president. I’m going to keep the economy humming along. Not a single one voted for greatest tax cut and deregulation agenda. Where is the USMCA? These great trade deals? They’re having trouble."

"The transcript was released five weeks ago," she added. "It was released, whole world can see the call. Here is what's not in the call. Any mention of 2020. Any mention that Biden is a political opponent that should be feared. Any mention of aid held up. Any of eight quid pro quos promised to Nancy Pelosi by the Twitter cranks and news. She changed her mind holding forth, holding fast until we had full fair investigation. She changed her mind like that, based on reports, not based on transcript of actual call. She was immediately stuck. They had to do that. Go read the transcript."

"The lieutenant colonel [Alexander Vindman] said the transcript wasn’t accurate," shot back co-host Brian Kilmeade. "He wanted to add things he remembered."

"We respectfully disagreed with that," said Conway. "For the record I would never besmirch a lieutenant colonel. With respectfully disagree with his." She went on, "we don’t question his patriotism, but we disagree with his characterization."

"It is unprecedented for a White House, we think, to release the transcript of a call like this," she added.

Watch below: