WATCH: Trump delivers incoherent rant about Obama during fact-free announcement on Syria withdrawal
President Donald Trump (Screen cap).

President Donald Trump delivered an incoherent rant about former President Barack Obama on Wednesday as he announced that he would lift sanctions on the Turkish government.

Even though America's Kurdish allies are still furious after the president gave Turkey a green light to invade their territory in northern Syria, Trump nonetheless portrayed his policies as an unqualified success.

"It’s too early for me to be congratulated, but we have done a good job," Trump said. "We’ve saved a lot of lives. Most importantly, we have avoided another costly military intervention that could have led to disastrous far-reaching consequences. Many thousands of people could have been killed."

At this point, the president then took a series of contradictory shots at Obama by portraying him as both a rabid warmonger and a timid peacenik.

"The last administration said Assad must go," he said. "They could have easily produced that outcome but they didn’t. In fact, they drew a very powerful red line in the sand. You all remember the red line in the sand when children were gassed and killed but then did not honor their commitment as other children died in the same horrible manner. But I did honor my commitments with 58 Tomahawks!"

Watch the video below.