'We look like a country without any leadership': Senator says GOP's SCIF stunt humiliates America globally
Rep. Matt Gaetz (MSNBC)

House Republicans' reckless and illegal raid on a SCIF being used by the House Intelligence Committee for impeachment interviews was not just an embarrassment in domestic politics — it was a humiliation on the world stage that invites other nations not to take U.S. leadership seriously.

That's what Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO), a 2020 candidate for president, told CNN's Wolf Blitzer in an interview on Thursday.

"Think about what the rest of the world saw when they saw members of Congress storming the SCIF, when the president had just acceded to every single one of Erdoğan’s demands and we backed out of northern Syria the way we had," said Bennet. "We look like a country without any leadership, a country that’s out of control. We’ve got to reconnect what we’re doing in Washington with the best impulses of the American people, or democracy could be in real trouble."

Watch below: