‘What a rapeflake’: Harvey Weinstein spokesperson ripped online for offensive statement
Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein (image via Shutterstock).

An unnamed representative for Harvey Weinstein was ripped online after he lashed out at #MeToo activists in a statement.

"The disgraced media mogul appeared Wednesday at an event put on by Actor's Hour at the Downtime bar in New York City and was confronted by at least three women, including performers Amber Rollo, Kelly Bachman and Zoe Stuckless, during the evening. The actresses and audience members claim they were heckled and ultimately asked to leave," The Hollywood Reporter posted on Thursday.

The publication asked a Weinstein representative for a statement.

"Harvey Weinstein was out with friends enjoying the music and trying to find some solace in his life that has been turned upside down. This scene was uncalled for, downright rude and an example of how due process today is being squashed by the public, trying to take it away in the courtroom too," an representative told THR.

That statement did not go over well on Twitter.

Here's some of what people were saying: