‘You are part of the problem’: Don Lemon rips John Kasich as a Trump ‘apologist’ in heated interview
Composite image of CNN’s Don Lemon interviewing Governor John Kasich (screengrabs)

The former Republican governor of Ohio was harshly criticized for being an "apologist" for President Donald Trump during a Tuesday appearance on CNN.

Don Lemon interviewed former Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) about the latest developments in the foreign election interference scandal at the heart of the impeachment inquiry into the White House.

"Look, in reading that transcript, I did not see a clear quid pro quo," Kasich argued. "We talked about this the day it came out. And what I’m saying to you is I think it’s serious. There should be an investigation. We should have all these witnesses. We ought to get to the bottom line and see if we can establish that."

The host didn't believe how Kasich did not see a quid pro quo in the memo on the call released by the White. House.

"John, if you ask me to do something, if you said, 'Don, I need something from you' and I said to you, 'John, yes, but I need you to do me a favor, though,' what does that mean?"

Kasich refused to answer the question.

"Then you’re doing exactly what the apologists are doing," Lemon charged.

"People disagree with the transcript and they’re honest people," Kasich claimed.

"If you’re not helping people understand the problem, then you are part of the problem," Lemon concluded.