'A death sentence for the GOP': Conservative author warns that 'anchor' Trump won't save Republicans
Donald Trump speaks at the the International Association of Chiefs of Police (Fox News/screen grab)

Tim Carney, a conservative author and journalist who writes for the Washington Examiner, has written a new column titled "The Trump-era Alignment is a Death Sentence for the GOP" warning Republicans that they can't rely on President Donald Trump to save them in elections.

After watching Republicans suffer major losses in Pennsylvania and Virginia, while also apparently losing the Kentucky governorship, Carney argues that the president's divisive style has been an "anchor" in suburban districts even as it has won over more people in rural America.

"Trump has made Trump voters, but not Republicans, out of working-class independents and Democrats, and he has made Democratic voters out of independents and Republicans," he writes. "Trump has also motivated Democrats to unprecedented levels. The net effect is a massive shift of the electorate towards Democrats."

The problem for Republicans, Carney says, is that a major chunk of Trump fans don't particularly like the Republican Party and do not heed his endorsements even when he all but begs them to listen.

"For Trump, it may look like an even trade: lose the wealthy whites and gain the working-class whites," he writes. "But for the rest of his party, it’s one-sided: lose the wealthy whites but don’t gain anything. It seems that once again, the folks who entered into a partnership with Trump are coming out on the losing end."

Read the whole column here.