‘Aides to the president are not happy' Gordon Sondland held the phone up in restaurant: CNN’s Jim Acosta
CNN’s Jim Acosta (screengrab)

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta reported on Friday that White House aides are unhappy with Ambassador Gordon Sondland for holding up a call with Trump in a restaurant for multiple witnesses to listen.

The details were revealed in bombshell closed-door testimony before Congress on Friday.

Acosta noted the administration was trying to downplay the significance of the call.

"But I will tell you, that the aides of the president are not happy that Gordon Sondland apparently held the phone up so other aides could hear what was going on and the words of the source familiar with the conversations inside the White House, the president speaks loudly, Sondland should know that," Acosta reported.

"And so there is some consternation inside the White House, Wolf, that aides heard this conversation that was supposed to be going on only between the ambassador and the president," Acosta added.

"Yeah, Gordon Sondland, the U.S. ambassador of the E.U. could be in big trouble with the president of the United States and his aides, but also in big trouble potentially legally, as well," Wolf Blitzer added.

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