'Covering for Trump!' Conspiracy nuts turn on Bill Barr after he says Jeffrey Epstein definitely killed himself
Attorney General William Barr during a House hearing. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Attorney General Bill Barr on Friday said that he had seen direct evidence that accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein took his own life -- and conspiracy theorists at Reddit are not happy about it.

Barr told the Associated Press on Friday that Epstein's suicide wasn't the result of a nefarious plot, but rather what he described as a "perfect storm of screw-ups" that occurred at his detention facility over the summer.

Although Reddit's /r/conspiracy page in the past featured posts sympathetic to fellow conspiracy theorist President Donald Trump, Barr's claims about Epstein's death were too much for them to swallow.

One user at /r/conspiracy accused Barr of "obviously covering for Trump's pedo ring," while another user wondered "how can anyone defend Trump on this anymore," while adding that the president is "obviously complicit."

When one lone Trump supporter chimed in to say that the president had nothing to do with Barr's decision, he was slammed by other /r/conspiracy posters.

"Trump hired Barr," one user wrote in response. "Trump also hired the prosecutor that gave Epstein the sweetheart deal. Trump and Barr are legitimately as big a suspects in this as anyone."

"You guys if it weren't for politics would NEVER defend Trump," wrote another. "If he was just the host of the apprentice or if he was still a Democrat you guys wouldn't twist yourself into pretzels pretending it's all a coincidence. You wouldn't even think about it. But the fact that someone you like due to politics did something so evil causes cognitive dissonance so you try to make excuses for the guy."

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