Dem lawmaker says Trump bribery case is clear: 'I'm from Chicago — we've heard of such things'
Rep. Mike Quigley (Facebook)

On CNN Thursday, anchor Chris Cuomo discussed the impeachment proceedings with Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL), who gave his view on where he believes things currently stand.

"Do you accept any other reckoning of the facts?" asked Cuomo. "Do you accept, you know, the defenses were nothing happened. You dismissed that out of hand the first time it came by you, because the attempt was enough for you. Okay. Now it's that he just doesn't like corruption and he doesn't like Ukraine, so these are foreign policy decisions."

"If it was a foreign policy decision, he would do it across all countries," said Quigley. "The facts speak for themselves."

"The simplest explanation is often the best, you know, for regular people," said Cuomo. "You guys started off with all this Latin. It's a bribe. If you guys are right about why you believe he did it and what you believe he motivated, it's a bribe. Why not just say that?"

"I'm from Chicago," concurred Quigley. "We've heard of such things."

Watch below: