Ex-FBI official mocks GOP defenses of Trump: 'No one says I'll walk through the terms of our bribery!'
Former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe (Photo: Screen capture)

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe on Tuesday roasted Republicans who claimed that President Donald Trump must be innocent because no witnesses so far have explicitly said that the president is guilty of bribery.

After watching a clip of Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) asserting that neither Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman nor State Department official Jennifer Williams had used the word "bribery" in their testimonies, McCabe mocked the GOP lawmaker for apparently believing that the only way to prove bribery occurred was to have someone admit to the bribe.

"Over the course of many years investigating organized crime, and listening to many conversations in which organized crime figures would try to bend inferiors or victims to their will, no one ever says, 'I'm going to offer you a quid pro quo,' or 'Here's how I'll walk you through the terms of our bribery.' What you have, the person with the power uses that power to coerce the subservient person to do or produce whatever it is they want."

He then argued that Trump was clearly in a position of power with respect to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky with respect to Ukraine, which is heavily dependent on American military aid to fend off aggression from Russia.

Watch the video below.