Former DA Pam Bondi, who was suspected of pay-to-play, lands White House job to assist in Trump impeachment defense
Donald Trump (left) and Florida AG Pam Bondi (right) at Mar-a-Lago in 2016. Image via Michelle Eve Sandberg/AFP.

Former Florida Republican District Attorney Pam Bondi, who suffered from questionable ethical choices while in office, will join the White House in a taxpayer-funded role to create messaging to defend President Donald Trump against all-but-certain charges of impeachment.

Bondi "will be tasked with assisting on communications and strategy and other special projects," The Wall Street Journal reports.

But Politico describes Bondi's role a bit differently, saying she will be a "senior adviser and legal guru, who can help to make President Donald Trump’s case on TV."

A top supporter of President Trump, Florida GOP Congresman Matt Gaetz, who also has a history of questionable ethics choices, heaped unwarranted praise on his fellow Floridian.

“It’s going to be important for White House to marshal legal minds around the country to carry the president’s message and defense during impeachment, and Pam Bondi is respected by attorneys general past and present as a consequence of her leadership in her time in Florida.”

During Bondi's time as Florida's top law enforcement officer, she looked the other way despite 22 complaints filed against Donald Trump's fake university. Trump ultimately paid $25 million to settle a group of lawsuits from several states, lead by New York.

Attorney General Bondi did not join those lawsuits, but she did at about the same time as she refused to investigate or prosecutor Trump for fraud, accept a $25,000 campaign donation from him, and donations from at least one other Trump family member in what The New York Times suggested was a "pay-to-play" scheme. Bondi denied doing anything improper.

One activist group alleged it had uncovered $635,000 in questionable donations to Bondi's campaign, and filed an FBI complaint.

Bondi came under fire for attacking marriage equality as Florida's AG, suggesting gay couples do not maintain "stable and enduring family units," which is false. She even went as far as filing an "emergency" petition with the U.S. Supreme Court to block marriage for same-sex couples from being allowed in her state. Bondi was caught lying about a honoring LGBT Pride.

As a candidate for re-election to her post as AG, Bondi literally had the execution of a death row inmate rescheduled so she could attend a fundraiser.