George Conway reveals the impeachable offense Trump has committed out in the open
George Conway is married to White House counselor Kellyanne Conway (screengrab)

On Wednesday morning, in the run-up to open impeachment hearings in the House, conservative lawyer George Conway reminded viewers that the Ukraine scandal was not the beginning of Trump's impeachable offenses — and that his conduct in the Russia investigation should not be overlooked.

"The Mueller investigation was about what Russia — it wasn't really about Trump, as such, but because of Trump being Trump, he made it about himself," said Conway, whose wife Kellyanne Conway serves as counselor to the president. "It was really stupid of him to do that, it didn't have to be about Trump. But because he's so self-obsessed, it became about Trump, because he tried to quash the investigation. If he had just shut up about it and not tweeted 'witch hunt' six hundred times and ... just played golf for two years, there wouldn't have been a whole Volume II of the Mueller investigation showing that he had obstructed justice."

"And the point there is, he was trying to stop an investigation that was looking into what Russia had done to the United States," Conway continued. "His duty as president was to stop what Russia was doing to the United States. He did not give a hoot about that. And that, to my mind, was also an impeachable offense, frankly just as bad as what we're talking about here. And I think it's actually equally easily excellent as an impeachable offense."

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