GOP congressman: Trump deserves the same legal treatment as 'murderers' and 'rapists'
Martha Raddatz and Mac Thornberry (ABC/screen grab)

Republican Rep. Mac Thornberry of Texas argued on Sunday that President Donald Trump deserves the same legal treatment as "murderers" and "rapists."

Thornberry made the remarks while appearing on ABC's This Week program.

"There's a reason we let murderers and robbers and rapists go free when their due process rights have been violated," the congressman said of Trump's impeachment case. "We believe the integrity of the system, the integrity of the constitution, the integrity of the processes under our legal system, is more important than the outcome of one particular case."

He added: "So, I don't think you can sweep process under the rug, because it is part of an impeachment decision, which has a constitutional requirement: bribery, treason, high crimes and misdemeanors, but also a political element about whether it's good for the country to pursue it under these circumstances."

Watch the video below from ABC.