Guy Snodgrass refuses to deny that he’s the ‘anonymous’ White House official dishing on Trump
Former James Mattis speechwriter Guy Snodgrass on Fox News (screengrab)

Former James Mattis speechwriter Guy Snodgrass refused to answer if he was the "anonymous" senior White House official behind last year's blockbuster op-ed and upcoming book on the Trump administration.

Fox News personality Trace Gallagher asked Snodgrass if he was the author, but the former administration official dodged the question.

“Are you anonymous?” Gallagher asked.

“Great question,” Snodgrass replied. “I have a book out with my name on it called Holding the Line. I do appreciate that the New Republic said the writing was excellent across both books, but if I was going to make an announcement like that, I would come into the studio with you in New York City.”

“So you are not denying that you are Anonymous,” Gallagher observed.