House Republicans are 'enslaved minions' whose sole purpose is defending 'Trump and his hyenas': GOP consultant
Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) rants at House impeachment hearings (Screen cap).

Jeff Timmer, a longtime consultant for Republican campaigns, blew his top this week watching the House GOP tie itself in knots defending President Donald Trump.

In a lengthy tirade posted on Medium, Timmer compared Trump and his cronies to parasites who have taken over the bodies of House Republicans a la the classic horror movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers."

"In today’s GOP there is an interloping master -- and there are the infected and enslaved minions who are corrupted and controlled by the invader and his henchmen," he said. "There is nothing in between, just craven servility, dishonor, and decay where character and ideals once existed."

Timmer went on to recount how he knows many GOP lawmakers secretly loathe Trump -- but have utterly failed to restrain him despite their professed concerns of what he's doing to the Constitution.

"I thought those I’d known and worked with for so long, and all those like them across the country, would strive to constrain Trump and his hyenas even if I thought he was immune to behavioral norms or to any limitations placed on his impulses," he wrote. "I was wrong. There are no better angels. At least not in the House GOP."

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