John Bolton ripped for refusing his ‘patriotic duty’ to testify: CNN legal analyst lectures him to ‘show up!’
John Bolton (MSNBC)

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin didn't have any kind words for former national security adviser John Bolton, who was spotted coming into Washington, D.C. at Union Station Friday.

"Are you concerned they're trying to keep you from testifying?" a reporter asked Bolton.

"No. I won't," Bolton replied.

Bolton complained Friday that the White House had blocked him from accessing his Twitter account, which was the reason for his two-month silence on the social media site. The White House released a statement denying the account.

None of that mattered to Toobin, who quite simply blew up at Bolton.

"You know what he has to do to be a critically important witness?" Toobin began. "Show up! That's all he has to do! You know, from the bottom of my heart, I couldn't care less about his Twitter account. But what I could care about is why he's running around the country giving speeches for money, why he has a $2 million book deal but is not doing his patriotic duty, testifying before Congress. That's an outrage! His Twitter account is a complete irrelevancy."

Bolton told a New York Times reporter: "The White House attached software to the account. They would not give it back. A representative of mine spoke with John Eisenberg, who said he would get it released, and it never happened. So finally we went to Twitter.

Watch the outburst in the video below: