Judge rules former White House counsel McGahn must obey House subpoena to testify
White House counsel Don McGahn. Image via screengrab.

Former White House counsel Don McGahn can no longer avoid testifying in the House of Representatives' impeachment inquiry.

A judge ruled on Monday that McGahn cannot continue defying a subpoena, dealing a major blow to the White House's efforts to keep its former top lawyer from testifying.

McGahn is a key witness to President Donald Trump's potential obstruction of justice, as he testified under oath that the president gave him orders to fire special counsel Robert Mueller and then ordered McGahn to cover up this order by creating a falsified record that would contradict his own sworn testimony.

McGahn refused to comply with the president's demands in both cases, according to Mueller's report.

In the weeks after releasing his report, Mueller emphasized that he could not exonerate Trump of committing a crime based on the evidence he had, while also adding that he would have done so had he been confident that the president didn't commit a crime.