KY Republican Senate president tells Matt Bevin to 'call it quits' if he can't prove voter fraud in election he lost

According to the president of the Kentucky Republican Senate, the state's governor, Matt Bevin, should concede his loss to Democrat Andy Beshear if his upcoming recanvass effort doesn't shed new light on the vote totals, the Courier Journal reports.

“It’s time to call it quits and go home, say he had a good four years and congratulate Gov.-elect Beshear,” Stivers said this Friday.

After losing to Beshear by over 5,000 votes, Bevin refused to concede due to voting irregularities -- a claim he has yet to provide evidence for.

Stivers also said Bevin's effort is causing blowback from citizens who are accusing him of trying to steal an election.

Other Republican figures have voiced skepticism of Bevin's recanvass.

"For all the Republicans who scream and yell that we shouldn't overturn an election with impeachment and removal of the president, they should feel exactly the same way about overturning an election for the governor's race," said Rep. Adam Koenig, (R-Erlanger), according to the Courier Journal.

Rep. Jason Nemes, (R-Louisville) said that the “best thing" for Bevin to do is to "concede the election today so we can move on."

Also speaking out was Rep. John Blanton (R-Salyersville), who said that there was no hard evidence to back up rumors of election problems.

“The last thing anyone wants to do is overturn a constitutional election,” Blanton said. “We want the will of the people to be done.”

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr