Maddow reports that Eric Holder may be the next candidate to mount a late presidential bid
US Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. speaks during a press conference at the Department of Justice on September 4, 2014 in Washington, DC (AFP Photo/Brendan Smialowski)

Billionaire former mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg is reportedly laying the groundwork for a late entry into the Democratic presidential primary.

But he is not the only one considering a last-minute bid. On Thursday, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow reported that President Barack Obama's former attorney general, Eric Holder, is also in talks with campaign consultants about whether to enter the race himself.

"Interestingly, lots of ripples of speculation about other Democratic candidates who might still get in if Mike Bloomberg’s apparent move here can be seen as a sign that actually it’s not too late for more Democrats to get into the race to try to win this nomination," said Maddow. "I will just mention that our Pulitzer Prize-winning colleague Eugene Robinson reported online tonight that ... former Attorney general Eric Holder has been talking to strategists about whether he ought to get in the race as well."

"But if Eric Holder is potentially in the mix and Mike Bloomberg looks like he might be in the mix, well, jeez, just when you thought it’s all over, it’s never over," she added.

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