Nicolle Wallace breaks down the impeachment moment 'women will be talking about for years’
MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace (screengrab)

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace on Thursday highlighted one of the key moments from the impeachment inquiry testimony from Dr. Fiona Hill.

"Often when women show anger, it’s not fully appreciated. It’s often, you know, pushed onto emotional issues perhaps, or deflected on other people," Hill testified.

"Can you just underscore the significance of what she said there? She is almost describing, you know, like an Ophrah 'ah-hah,' saying 'I was so mad at Gordon Sondland' and she had this moment that I think women will be talking about for years, that when women are angry sometimes it reads wrong, and I'll officially nominate her to explain that to the world," Wallace said.

"She makes a point so artfully saying, 'I was so mad at Gordon.' I had heard this since sort of around her closed-door testimony, she was so angry at Gordon Sondland, angry at his conduct," Wallace noted. "Then she realizes he's answering to the president, he's answering to the vice president, he's answering to Pike Pompeo -- and he's on a domestic political errand," Wallace explained.